TCRS Annual Retirement Survey

The Transamerica Annual Retirement Survey is now in its 19th year. The survey comprises research among nationally representative samples of American workers and employers, and is designed to explore attitudes and behaviors regarding retirement security and benefits. It is one of the largest and longest-running of its kind and is conducted through an independent research firm. TCRS reports include in-depth segmentation and comparison analysis of workers based on employment status (full-time/part-time), gender, generation, household income, education and race/ethnicity. Findings of employers are examined by company size and include comparisons to workers by company size. 

19th Annual Retirement Survey (2018)

Retirees Survey (2018)

18th Annual Retirement Survey (2017)

17th Annual Retirement Survey (2016)

16th Annual Retirement Survey (2015)

Sixteen Facts About Women's Retirement Outlook

TCRS has published research for more than a decade showing that women are at a greater risk of not achieving a financially secure retirement compared to men. This study, based on the 16th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey, covers research of more than 2,400 women workers in the U.S. and shines a light on their current retirement preparedness and outlook for their own retirement. With this study, TCRS aims to raise awareness of the retirement risks that women face and highlight opportunities where women can take greater control of their long-term financial security.

Retirees Survey (2015)

15th Annual Retirement Survey (2014)

Fifteen Facts About Women's Retirement Outlook

In celebration of International Women's Day, TCRS lays out 15 facts about women's retirement preparedness and outlook, and recommends seven steps to help improve it.

14th Annual Retirement Survey (2013)

13th Annual Retirement Survey (2012)

12th Annual Retirement Survey (2011)

11th Annual Retirement Survey (2009-2010)

10th Annual Retirement Survey (2008-2009)

9th Annual Retirement Survey (2007)

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