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19th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey

The latest research findings from TCRS based on its 2018 survey of American workers.

The Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey explores attitudes about retirement and retirement readiness among American workers. What Is "Retirement"? Three Generations Prepare for Older Age highlights differences and similarities among Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials.  

The study is one of the largest and longest-running of its kind, with nearly 6,000 respondents in 2018. The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll, an independent research company. The robust, nationally representative sample enables TCRS to explore many different demographic segments, including workers by generation.

What Is "Retirement"? Three Generations Prepare for Older Age

April 3, 2019

Retirement means "freedom" – a common thread weaving together Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials in the workforce – yet simultaneously, people are grappling with how they will achieve financial success in older age. In an era in which people have the potential to live longer than any other time in history, how can we as a society fundamentally redefine retirement and our life journeys leading up to it? How can we create flexibility so people can retire on their own terms?

New TCRS research explores three generations’ visions of aging and what “retirement” personally means to them; their financial preparations, steps toward safeguarding their long-term health and happiness, and work-life balance. This report also provides insights into the vital role of employers in helping workers prepare for older age, such as the value of offering workplace retirement benefits, employee education about the Saver's Credit and catch-up contributions, support for work-life balance and alternative work arrangements, among many other opportunities. 

The 19th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey asked 5,923 full- and part-time workers, what "retirement" personally means to them. Below is a curation of their real responses. Click to expand image. 

What does "retirement" mean to Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers

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