Striking Similarities and Disconcerting Disconnects: Employers, Workers, and Retirement Security

Striking Similarities and Disconcerting Disconnects - Employers, Workers, and Retirement Security

Most employers (70 percent) consider their companies to be “aging friendly,” while only 56 percent of workers feel the same. As part of its 18th Annual Retirement Survey, TCRS examines aspects of retirement preparations where employers and workers are aligned in their thinking and where they are out of sync. Key findings include the significance of the role of employers in guiding their employees to save, plan, and prepare for retirement. It also includes findings about retirement benefits offered, automatic enrollment, investment options, retirement sentiment, phased retirement offerings, help given to pre-retirees and more, and has findings by company size. The report provides insight into actionable measures that can be taken by workers, employers, and policymakers to help improve retirement confidence and security.

TCRS surveyed 1,825 employers of for-profit companies with five or more employees to learn how they are helping their employees prepare for retirement. The report also provides context by comparing the employer survey findings with TCRS’ survey of 6,372 workers.

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Press release - August 21, 2018